we’re Angelenos who appreciate our beaches, mountains, deserts, valleys, freeways, rivers & urban, suburban & rural communities.

hopping on metro, exploring architecture & parks, going on urban hikes, & learning about our city’s history.

checking out historic & refreshed communities in Los Angeles, taking it all in from a local’s perspective – we check out community gardens, outdoor markets, street art, & architecture in L.A. neighborhoods.

Lincoln Heights

mural by jgoldcrown in Lincoln Heights (sadly this is now gone)

sharing our scoop in our blog – on instagram / pinterest / twitter /& facebook – & in our newsletter.


WRDSMTH street art in Los Angeles

we find gifts made in Los Angeles & feature our curated favorites.

perusing vintage & locally-owned stores, getting coffee at local shops, & discovering all the best Los Angeles designers & products

we are

we love Los Angeles

left to right: founders Jen and Rick Kanter

our shop’s mission believes the fewer the ingredients, the better & appreciates when goods have multiple purposes.

we personally test out & love every product featured in our shop – & with access to dozens of products & partners not featured on our site – we offer personalized options for client, family & friends’ gifts.


co-creator jen kanter was interviewed in 2007 by the Los Angeles Times to discuss her concern over deceiving food labeling & was asked the simple question “why is this important to you?”

jen said her goal was to “… help people know exactly what they are buying.”

… years later, this 100% still rings true & guides the mission of & how we curate the goods in our shop.

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