wandering L.A.

we dig wandering L.A. &  local communities, & can tell you at least one unique thing we appreciate about any neighborhood in the Los Angeles metro area… & not just where we live or the obligatory 5 mile radius!

come & explore L.A. with us

we are Angelenos who appreciate our beaches, mountains, deserts, valleys, freeways, rivers & all our urban, suburban & rural communities… & honestly, we could keep going on & on – but maybe it’s best to simply say, we enjoy living here.

appreciating all things L.A.

hop on metro, wander in the city & parks, go on an urban hike, & learn more about our city’s history.

exploring the old & new parts of Los Angeles, taking it all in from a local perspective – we check out amazing parks, community gardens, outdoors markets, street art, & architecture in L.A. neighborhoods.

we share Los Angeles scoop in our weekly blog – on instagram / pinterest / twitter /& facebook – & in our weekly newsletter.

Lincoln Heights is all about looking up, down & around, making sure we take in everything this city gives to us.

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WRDSMTH street art in Los Angeles

we take tons of pictures & love to show you the little things we notice in your neighborhood.

everything we do we share on social media – featuring products, places, & people in your L.A. community.

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we like finding products made locally by people-owned companies, & we feature our favorites in our online shop of locally made gifts.

we dig reading product labels & thinking about how we can waste less, reuse more, & help local people.

perusing vintage & locally-owned stores, getting coffee at local shops, & discovering all the best Los Angeles designers & products

we are

we love Los Angeles

left to right: founders Jen and Rick Kanter

our shop

we want you to know the ingredients in the products from our store, their purpose, who made them, & to feel confident enough to tell your friends about this company you found. believes the fewer the ingredients listed, the better, & we especially dig when something has multiple purposes & minimal packaging.

we personally use & love every product featured in our shop – & with access to dozens of products & partners not featured on our site – we offer a lot of benefits & options for corporate gifts & personal shopping.

we love the challenge & choice we can all make in buying stuff made, designed or crafted in Los Angeles.


co-creator jen kanter was interviewed in 2007 by the Los Angeles Times to discuss her concern over food labeling & was asked the simple question “why?”

jen said her goal is to “… help people know exactly what they are buying.”

… that quote pretty simply breaks down our hope for

think about the feeling you get when you step into a boutique or small shop that has friendly, helpful people who want you to find that perfect gift.

we know you will get this feeling every time you come to

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