altadena farmers market

altadena farmers market

The Altadena Farmers Market is a great starting point for a Wednesday hike.

Heading out on a cloudy & overcast day, we set our navigation towards the San Gabriel Valley to check out Altadena & the Altadena Farmers Market.

As always, we took every effort to hitch a ride on Metro – but seriously folks, whether you take the Gold line to Memorial Park or Lake – the walk up the hill is pretty gnarly, & we only suggest doing it if you’re in great shape & you set aside the time.

A drive up Lincoln from Pasadena towards Altadena was in order.

Loma Alta County Park

On Lincoln before Loma Alta County Park

Driving up farther towards the foothills, at one point you forget you’re in L.A.

There’s more than a few trail heads within walking distance of Loma Alta, & the canyons are evident everywhere.

Any sounds of cars is completely gone, just quiet & it’s a totally chill vibe.

You feel a sense of calm walking around. Hats off to Altadena, this Angeleno didn’t check his phone during the entire walk… just to snap pictures, nothing else 😉

Loma Alta Park

So as soon as you get to Loma Alta park it’s totally clear that there’s a TON of open land to explore, & in all fairness – big hikes that this guy won’t be doing today, but no matter – check out all trails’ Altadena Hike list for a list of some of the amazing hikes you can access from here. Just bring water, snacks, & plan your trip based on the difficulty level of the hike you’ll do.

So today, we just took a quick walk & did only a couple miles on one of the trails. We know blue skies are ideal, but something nice about a hike on a crisp, cool spring day. We could have easily kept going, but it was time to get some grub.

At Loma Alta Park, on the north stretch is some open parks, but most of the park facilities, pools, courts, etc.

Just south of there – between a beautiful community garden & a big park with an open grass area is the Altadena Farmers Market.

There was fresh fruit & vegetables from California farms – & of course, we had to pick up some snacks to take home, like jams from Coldwater Canyon Provisionsdelicious granola (we got the Oaxacan blend!) from Granola Mama, & some locally-roasted coffee by local cafe SideWalk Cafe HTS.

Loved what Seminavi Farms is doing, with their home grown & hand harvested vegetables from Sierra Madre.

Before heading out for a little hike down Lincoln – we hit up the Gastro Bus for a burger, some fries, & a jamaica tea… deee-lish. We’re ready to go.

 Started a nice 10 mile walk/ hike/ jaunt through Altadena – & it was a lot of fun. Heading south then west you have some amazing views of the little valley where the Nasa Jet Propulsion Laboratory is. You can walk down, or explore from above – but either way, lots of trail for hiking, mountain biking, or just quick walks.

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