an L.A. gift story v2

Mar Vista barrio LA

The Mar Vista Pop-In, where we slowly pack our L.A.-made gifts & do handwritten notes

Yeah, yeah, we get it…

Everything is cheaper & more efficient when it’s automated & managed by robots.

When we slow down & we’re completely honest with ourselves, we like to ask a few simple questions:

“How do those cheaper “things” make us really feel?”

“Was the experience memorable or unique?”

“Do we know who made what we buy?”

bored in L.A.

Gifts-giving & getting should always feel authentic.

Bored just thinking about it?

Whatever your shopping pleasure – you should feel good before & after doing it.

Everything we use for our custom gifts are goods made by L.A. people – uniquely designed & slowly made by artists & artisans who have perfected their craft.

Whether we’re filling an LKLY handwoven basket or a gift box with L.A. made goods., we love to “hide” a few things inside.

We always thrive to find the best stories around L.A. – & can tell you a lil’ (or a lot!) about each of the people we work with… just ask!

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L.A. Gift Story

an LA gift story v2

An L.A. Gift Story

We loved putting together this custom gift basket filled with products by Clean Living, Noto Botanics & Honey Belle.

We adore all 3 companies for their commitment to quality ingredients you can trust, but we always have a special place forĀ Clean Living since they were one of the first companies we worked with.

Clean Living Gift Bundle

Clean Living Body Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, & Lotion

We met Jim from Clean Living at the Culver City Farmers’ Market – he helped us learn so much about making allergy free products & we love that he doesn’t use any palm oil in his products.

NOTO Botanics

NOTO Botanics

NOTO Botanics‘ oils are multi-use & their scents are unisex. We love gifting their deep serum because EVERYONE loves it, & Gloria Noto’s natural beauty approach.

Honey Belle

Honey Belle of Brea, California

Honey Belle‘s organic line includes our favorite lip scrub – sweet, like brown sugar.

We choose these handcrafted & natural goods for someone who is super diligent about product ingredients.

coconut wax candles by Lucin Candle Studio

Coconut wax candles by Lucin Candle Studio

She loved the gift, & was grateful for the Coconut Wax Candle by Lucin Candle Studio peeking out from the top… it was a surprise that smells AMAZING.

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