an L.A. gift story V3

LA gift stories

People ask us all the time…

“How do you pick what you put in your gifts?”

We ask questions

Not to give away all of our secrets, yet it’s amazing what you discover about people when you ask questions.

“Where do they live in Los Angeles?” – “How do they enjoy spending their time?” – “Any favorites – food, hobbies, places?”

This question is our favorite:

 “What would they never buy for themselves?”

gifts made in L.A.

L.A. Gift Story Volume 3

This gift was a “Welcome to your new office” present.

We included the best, unisex smelling soap & lotion duo (to impress their clients!) from Further Products.

… and we made sure they knew the incredible story on how they developed their products.

Further Products has good vibes

Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe – HollyWood & Twine Sign

For this health-conscious group interested in quality ingredients, we also included organic & delicious treats (in the box) from Ococoa Chocolates.

Ococoa Chocolates are artisanal chocolates, handcrafted in Los Angeles thoughtfully, & featuring amazing & unique flavor profiles.

We love including Ococoa in any of our gifts made local in L.A.

Ococoa Chocolates

Photo by Ococoa Chocolates – c. 2017

A touch of green

Whenever we can, we always include a plant from a local nursery – or one bought at a local farmers market.

Their plants are from a Highland Park nursery, & are in 100% unique, wheel thrown tumblers made by West Hollywood artist Donna de Soto.

These tumblers are multi-purpose; meaning that along with being pretty pots for plants, they can be cocktail glasses, makeup brush holders, & a million other things!

We hope they enjoy everything!

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