an L.A. gift story v4

 What’s the perfect gift for a new Angeleno?

We recently put some extra thought into this question, while putting together a “Welcome to L.A.” gift box.

Quick back story:

When Jen moved down to Los Angeles from Seattle, our dad gave her travel sized pepper sprays- yes, two total – one for her car & another for her purse.

Pretty sure this is an example of what NOT to give someone.

A gift card to Groundworks would have done the trick.

On that note-

here are some gift recs for your favorite new Angeleno.

City of Angels is a beautifully illustrated picture book that could only have been written by locals- good for families, kids & adults- written by long time Mar Vista residents.

Whether we’re just going to hang out with family or friends or grocery shopping, Angelenos love & support their local farmers’ markets.  There’s a reason why we say, “my farmers market”, right?

Organic jams made from farmers’ market fruit? Yes, please!

Try on Lodge Bread  or even make cocktails with them- just add a Green Bar Distillery liquor (try their Slow Hand Whiskey!).

Vintage inspired glassware (printed with organic ink) for days spent outside in the never-ending sunshine.

A few other suggestions…

Local coffee shop gift card.

Museum Memberships (some favorites include MOCA, Natural History Museum & the Autry).

A farmers’ market gift certificate for their neighborhood.

How would you welcome someone to Los Angeles?

As always, email us if you need help with gift ideas!