Buddy Jimmy

Real Los Angeles People: Buddy Jimmy

“I come from where the winter slices you up man! Dat’ place is Clayton, MO, in St. Louis. The only thing I remember from dat’ place were da’ old buildings and a small liquor store around the corner from where we crashed. My parents sent me dare’ everyday. Dare’ was always something we needed. I grew up on spam and eggs. I think I came to L.A when I was eight.”

“I did most of my growing up in “The Green Meadows” in South Central. I was a Barber for many years. I created pool table sticks and I also recorded music. For some odd reason I became involved with Satan for a while. I put ensembles together for him and during that period in my life Satan was speaking to me in musical tones and that’s when I made a mess of my life. In my mind, I’m Moroccan, Ethiopian, Spanish, Mexican, Chinese – a New Yorker and an Angel from L.A. I need no address. That’s the problem man! When man created the address and numbers, that’s exactly when the separation of the people began. It divides us. What’s so special about where you crash? vs where I do? None mother……! We sliced each other up and now we’re in trouble. Dats’ it man, stop asking so many questions, I don’t do dat! What we need is love up in this mother…..! Da’ song “Buddy” by De La Soul has been playing in my mind for about five days now, dats’ where I’m at. Dats’ where you know people’s state of mind. Music and meals unite us, not addresses and numbers. Ask anyone in the world what’s playing in their mind and you’ll know where they stand.

I’m Jimmy by the way, it’s a universal name and I live on earth.”