smith and tait coffee shop

Smith and Tait

Shop: Smith and Tait
Motto: Damn Fine Coffee
Location: 866 Huntley Drive, West Hollywood, CA 90069
Hours: 7a-4p, M-Su
Coffee: Ritual Coffee Roasters

In an efficiently designed, sun-lit space on Huntley Drive is West Hollywood’s newest coffee shop: Smith & Tait.

Co-owners Lauren Hogarth and Alexandra Morton are partners who had been working in film production and graphic design, respectively, before following their dream of opening a coffee shop. When I stopped in last week, I had a chance to chat with them a bit, and they are really cool girls – very down-to-earth and friendly. And they love coffee – damn fine coffee, to be specific.

The shop is tucked away and maybe a little hard to find at first, so this is what you need to know: 866 Huntley Drive is really the back of the building at 8722 Santa Monica Boulevard. You’ll know you’ve found it when you see the dog-parking station and water bowls as you walk up to the entrance.

Smith and Tait

You’re almost there…


Smith and Tait

Warmer… Warmer…


Smith and Tait

Look for this wood sign above the door.


Smith and Tait serves espresso drinks, drip coffee, craft cold brew and infused cold brews (think peppercorn or vanilla bean) – all with beans from Ritual Coffee Roasters. If you want a little something sweet to go with your coffee, try the little mini vegan donuts from Fonuts. All drinks can be made with whole or skim milk, half and half, or almond milk.

Verdict: This is a great little local coffee shop, and I think Smith and Tait is worth a special trip, even if you don’t live in West Hollywood but for sure if you do.

Smith and Tait

The counter of the small and efficiently designed Smith and Tait coffee shop.


Smith and Tait

Smith and Tait drink menu and merchandise including the 64-ounce growlers so you can take home their cold brew.


Smith and Tait

The art on the walls and merchandise at Smith and Tait was designed by co-owner (and graphic designer) Alexandra Morton.

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My name is Anne Stericker, and I am a writer and lifestyle consultant living in Los Angeles. And while I absolutely love Los Angeles, I also love a lot of other cities I have visited and/or lived in… cities like New York, Sydney, Paris and Rome. This is because, as far back as I can remember, I have taken immense pleasuring in finding things – both tangible and experiential — that are beautiful, practical and luxurious.

I also have a philosophy that a thing or experience need not be expensive in order to be luxurious. In fact, I firmly assert that there is zero correlation between the cost of an object or experience and how much pleasure it can bring. For me, coffee is one of those things. It can be delicious, beautiful and luxurious, and you definitely don’t have to be a millionaire to afford it. Coffee represents, perfectly, my philosophy that you can have taste, quality and luxury all at once, no matter what your budget is.