culver city farmers market

Culver City Farmers Market

hmm… can we park here?

Make it painless, take Metro.

Seriously, if we can offer up one tip to navigating Culver City in a relaxed, not scrambling-for-parking way- take Metro & walk.

With so many events, restaurants, galleries, & fun things to do – trips to Culver City are always a memorable, good time.

Culver City Farmers Market

our favorite smoothie “glasses” from the Culver City Centennial Celebration

With an Expo line station just off Robertson & Venice, it’s a quick & easy walk into downtown.

Expo Station

Headed to Culver City- know this station?  Email us & we’ll send you a #madeinLA gift

Instead of heading right into the thick of downtown, why not stroll over to see some street art & get some coffee?

… sound good?

Street Art Los Angeles

Bumblebeelovesyou and Zio Ziegler street art in Culver City

Located in a mostly residential area, Bar Nine is one of our favorite places for coffee in Culver City.

Maybe it’s because it truly feels like a “neighborhood” coffee shop, or because people smile at you when you walk in – but Bar Nine is warm, inviting, & their coffee is awesome.

Plus they have good music… & records!

Bar Nine Coffee Shop

Off the beaten path, but worth the walk – Bar Nine Coffee Shop

Alright, we know the Culver Hotel is well-known & on television shows, but we had to mention it. Just pop in even for a sec to check it out. The design outside & inside is pretty incredible.

The hotel is almost a century old & is a a National Historic Landmark – so soak in the art deco architecture from the ’20s & get a little bit of old L.A. history.

Culver Hotel

Culver Hotel

Tired of walking, yet? Okay, good – us either 😉

If you find yourself in Culver City on a Tuesday afternoon, stroll into the Culver City Farmers Market. We’re embarrassed to say that it took a year of our neighbor recommending the market for us to make our way there, but – SO glad we did!

Culver City Farmers Market

Culver City Farmers Market

We love basket bags that can be used for everything –  beach trips, camping, fruit picking & of course farmer’s markets.

Baobob Collectives’ direct support of women’s Co-Ops makes all their colorful, useful goods even that more beautiful.

Culver City Farmers Market

Basket bags perfect for the Farmers Market

Taking a trip down memory lane for a minute, we met Clean Living at this market years ago.

Shop Clean Living

Click pic to shop Clean Living

Clean Living’s “clean” approach to bath products (never using toxic ingredients) & the environment (eliminating palm oil), totally inspired us to keep learning about products. Thanks to Jim of Clean Living for taking the time to explain so much to us.

Clean Living Blue Pearl Soap

Nestled just beside the market on Main Street is The Whole 9 Gallery. They carry artwork from all around the world, all in support of The Peace Project – totally worth popping in & checking out.

The Whole 9 Gallery

Art at The Whole 9 Gallery

Next Up…

We thought about heading back to the train & heading home, but in the spirit of being spontaneous – we walked down towards NPR & the Culver City Park.

Ever walked up that hill & over the wood bridge to check out the view? Shhhhh… it’s one of the best views of Mid-City to Santa Monica, so share with cool peeps.

Culver City Park

Culver City Park

Don’t believe us? Check out a video we did of the view…

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