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The Natural History Museum & Science Center:

If you’ve never been to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles or the California Science Center, guess what? They are right next to one another! As an added bonus, they are easily accessible (aka, across the street) from the Expo Metro line.

Metro Los Angeles

Metro Los Angeles

Both museums are continuously expanding their outdoor spaces with play areas, edible & pollinator gardens & outdoor seating, which makes chillaxing & making a day of visiting both museums totally possible.

Our last time there was a weekend & pretty crowded so we sat on the steps facing the rose garden eating a snack & taking in the view.

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Natural History Museum view from Metro Expo Line

One thing that you will (& we) really love about both museums is how well they seamlessly include Los Angeles history, people & our environment into their permanent exhibits.

Natural History Museum Nature Lab

Natural History Museum Nature Lab

The Natural History Museum’s Nature Lab is filled with all sorts of local creatures; newts, rats, turtles – all of whom are now L.A. natives for one reason or another.

And if you’ve never really thought about how cool Griffith Park really is, check this out:

Griffith Park at the Natural History Museum

Griffith Park

Walking directly under the Endeavor at the Science Center excites us, like we’re seeing the shuttle for the first time every single time. We will also sit & watch the video of the Endeavor being transported from LAX to The Science Center. It’s a fun way to tour around our local neighborhoods from the perspective of a shuttle.

Anyway, The Science Center is always free & The Natural History Museum offers great benefits to members, like free, advanced tickets to their butterfly pavilion & special exhibits. We love that we learn something new about Los Angeles every time.

Three Tips for The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles & The Science Center:

1. Stroll around, take a snack break in the edible, pollinator garden or rose gardens (so many choices!) & if you’re into really walking & being adventurous get lunch at the Mercado la Paloma. It’s a short walk.

2. Hopefully this doesn’t sound too much like a sales pitch, but we highly recommend getting an annual membership to the Natural History Museum (remember, the California Science Center is free!) Having a membership is a simple way to give back to an invaluable & educational museum & also gives you the flexibility to return at your leisure throughout the year.

3. The Science Center’s IMAX movies are some of our favorites. If you’re interested in watching one, buy tickets right when you get there because they sell out. Have fun!

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