gifts made in Los Angeles

cool gift ideas made in LA

curated gifts made in L.A. works with 100+ local, people-owned companies.

over 500 unique & curated gifts made in Los Angeles available for gift bundles, baskets, or boxes.

multi-use products we feel comfortable with our children using or being around- with simple ingredients we trust.

products that are locally-sourced, ethically-crafted, & handmade with care by dedicated artists.

meet our product partners

gifts made in Los Angeles

how we choose our partners

we use a scientific algorithm… j/k

the people: we have a no a**hole rule & genuinely enjoy working with every one of our local partners, all of which are people-owned, locally-based, independent small businesses – manufacturing, creating, & crafting gifts & goods around Los Angeles…

every one we work with is cool & kind, & local (L.A.)

the impact: we choose our product partners based on their commitment to their local community through workshops, events, or advocacy – their involvement in efforts that positively impact their L.A. neighborhood – & of course, how their products make you & us feel.

every product we feature, we use & love, too.

why shopping local is important

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