the short list of our favorite foods at the Hollywood Farmers’ Market

Our dad was a “foodie.”

Not the fancy or top-reviewed restaurant type, but definitely the “will drive three hours for just-out-of-the-oven loaf of bread type.”

Food find in Los Angeles

Fishing for local catch in Lake Washington

As kids we loved the road trips & walking portions of his hunts for good food all around the Seattle area… hamburgers in Aberdeen, fresh bread  in Black Diamond, & dim sum at our (still) favorite place, Sun Ya (located in the I.D. of downtown Seattle, but now called something else).

All cool places in Washington, with an original, local flavor & vibe.

As adults, we started to appreciate the fresh food part just as much as the road trips & walking.

Since we like eating our way through Los Angeles, we find delicious stuff along the way.

Years ago, we happened to taste our favorite peanut butter, Spread the Love at the Highland Park Farmers’ Market.

For those of you that think peanut butter is just peanut butter, you’ve never tried theirs…

Since we began partnering with S.E.E.L.A. & the Hollywood Farmers’ Market, we have to admit that we’re slightly more obsessed with fresh & delicious food.

At the H.F.M. &  other Los Angeles area farmers’ markets, it’s the best of the best. Everything just tastes GOOD.

Chili oil, hot sauces & fresh salsas from El Machete. 

Is it the hand roasted chilis that make their sauces perfect?

Organic tortillas from A Kernel of Truth

Try their blue corn masa (any time you can track it down!)

Coldwater Canyon Provisions

Freshly made & locally sourced jams & pickled goods from Coldwater Canyon Provisions

Try the pickled watermelon rinds & sweet red pepper jam.

We’ll also admit that we’re not beyond running over to Bub & Grandmas for their second bread drop-off at 10:30 a.m.

Who are your favorites at the Hollywood Farmers’ Market?

There’s just too many for us to list out, so we suggest you going there & tasting everything for yourself.

Keep us posted!

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