LA artist Teachr

LA Street artist Teachr

L.A. Street Artist Teachr via

Maybe it’s his name: Teachr?

We’re pretty fond of teachers.

Teachr Obama Teach Peace

Teachr All you need is the right kind of love

… or maybe it’s the way we feel when we see his artwork around Los Angeles?

Whatever it is, since first seeing Teachr’s essential “TEACH PEACH” message as we explored L.A. – we’ve been fascinated by LA artist Teachr & his commitment to the community & in advocacy efforts.

His art always makes us feel good, too – & that definitely helps.

Look familiar?

A few years ago, we popped over to see the 1st solo show by LA artist Teachr, at Fairfax High School:

teachr first solo show

LA Artist Teachr

Having been to more than our fair share of art shows & gallery openings, we’re always impressed by when the artist is there & they’re nice.

Especially dig live work, too.

LA Artist Teachr

Not sure if teachr (or the other artists my daughter met, including Wrdsmth & MegZany) have any idea of the impression they left on my daughter, Alex.

Love this MegZany Video from YouTube.

LA Artist Teachr LA Artist Teachr

Art is her favorite subject, so meeting & chatting with artists, while seeing their artwork made it “real” to her.  She too feels like she could be an artist now.


Rad Teachr Shirt we bought from Agnts Clothing

Maybe we dwell on the niceness of people more than makes sense to some people, yet that being said when someone doesn’t know you or have any reason to treat you like a friend, we 100% acknowledge that is a GREAT person.

LA artist Teachr

Without knowing us, teachr donated to the Hunger Action Los Angeles Annual Dinner recognizing community champions fighting food insecurities in Los Angeles. This isn’t a fancy & splashy event, but rather one that really celebrates community organizers around the city.

His donation was a big hit, helping the organization raise the most it ever had before.

So check out LA artist Teachr; we’re not the only friends of a non-profit or cause that he has supported before either. There is a reason why many of his pieces say “Teach Peace”.

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