Los Angeles beach guide

Angelenos love the beach…

Seriously, a day at your favorite Los Angeles beach spot can (almost) make up for our insane, day-to-day city craziness & congestion.

Some of us surf & swim, some of us catch up on reading & others barely dip our toes in the brisk water, but no matter what – it’s always worth it. Actually getting to the beach is another matter.

Hot, crowded days can feel like a timing & navigation nightmare, so here are some tips:

If you live close, ride your bike. Why not? Get some exercise, feel the wind in your face & don’t sweat the crazy parking situation.

If that doesn’t work, think about taking metro or the bus. Both can cheaply take you to most Los Angeles beaches & they’re especially fun if you have kids. Come on, try it. We promise half the fun will be the ride there.

But if you must drive, there are definitely some local tricks worth mentioning.

Get up & go early, like before 10 am early. Santa Monica beaches are quick jaunts from the parking lots & on Sunday you can combine a beach day with a pit stop to the Santa Monica Farmers Market on Main Street. Food, music & the beach. Perfect combo.

Will Rogers State Beach

Will Rogers State Beach


Will Rogers State Beach

Will Rogers State Beach

We really like Will Rogers State Beach.

It’s low key & less crowded, especially if you drive as far south as you can in the parking lot. Shortcut into the Palisades, take Temescal Canyon Road & you won’t ever wait in the parking lot line. Easy peasy.

Zuma Beach Sunset

Zuma Beach Sunset

Last but not least, Westward Beach just South of Zuma Beach is the best. If you’re looking for a mini vacay beach day or hoping to spot dolphins, this is where you go. Suck it up & go early or just brave the traffic. Drive into the paid parking lot, it’s totally worth it.

No matter where you end up, we love our beaches & man we’re lucky to live near them.

Always be mindful & prepared when visiting the beach & if you need a touch-up in terms of your beach gear – take a look at all the summer necessities made & designed around L.A.

are you ready for SUMMER IN LA?