an L.A. gift story

We get asked a lot, how & where did you find that?

… well, what if we told you?

We love to tell stories- so here’s our L.A. gift story about a recent (rad) gift that went out to a customer.

gifts made in Los Angeles

Made in L.A. gift featuring pour-over by Gina Zycher of Glitter Mountain, bean-to-bar chocolate from Letterpress Chocolate, a DTLA candle by Flores Lane, and coffee by local roaster Groundwork Coffee.

First off – hopefully Groundwork‘s delicious & locally roasted coffee is not a secret.

They were my (Jen’s) coffee shop within walking distance for years. I love that you get a free cup of coffee every time you buy beans – if you’re nice, they will give you a hemp milk latte.

Our friend, Anne Loves Coffee More introduced us to Gina from Glitter Mountain after we accidentally borrowed (kind-of-stole?!) the coffee pour-over she gave her.

We’ve never missed our 0ld Cuisinart Coffee Maker – so for people that REALLY love coffee (like us!), we will obsessively gush over Glitter Mountain for years.

CHOCOLATE! ¬†Who doesn’t love it?

Pretty sure it was Meredith from Indie Jams that introduced us to Letterpress.

We’ve learned more about the entire chocolate making process from him & randomly, years ago we stayed just down the dirt road from one their future cacao farms in Guatemala.

Letterpress Chocolate

Trish from Flores Lane makes candle making look fun.

Check out Flores Lane on Instagram:

She boogies, she spills & makes a mess in her studio.

Our favorite candle makers show everyone exactly how their candles are made. Because they can…

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