lincoln heights farmers market

Back in Lincoln Heights

Too much time had passed since we found ourselves walking up Broadway in Lincoln Heights – at the time,┬ánot entirely sure of where we were headed, but in the moment just really enjoying the not-too-hot weather & pretty view of downtown.

lincoln heights farmers market

View of Downtown Los Angeles

Never ones to stick with old routines & since our last adventure took us up Broadway hill & then down into Lincoln Heights Park – where we discovered an art show- we decided to walk a different route this time.

lincoln heights park

Permanent art at Lincoln Heights Park

Lincoln Park art on display within the park.

Some changes since our last adventure (different sandals for one) – & more friendly faces walking around.

Love the gorgeous architecture all around Broadway.

Lincoln Heights Architecture

The oldest neighborhood in Los Angeles is growing & now they have a farmers market.

Lincoln Heights Farmers Market

Wall sprinkling of hearts…
Lincoln Heights Farmers Market

Lincoln Heights Farmers Market starts at 3pm every Wednesday.

Lincoln Heights Farmers Market

You can get your bike repaired at the market!
lincoln heights farmers market

Handcrafted silver jewelry spotted at the Lincoln Heights farmers market.

Ever heard of L.A. Kitchen?

Located in Lincoln Heights- their belief is that, “neither food, nor people should ever go to waste”. We agree.

Our friends, Caitlyn of Pulp Pantry & Leah of Semolina Artisanal Pasta work in this shared kitchen space, too.

Lincoln Heights

Street art spotted

Lincoln Heights

We’re total suckers for old Chinese bakeries.

Having learned recently that our parents made up pastry names growing up, we still love ordering “chicken tails”.

Ever tried one?

Lincoln Heights

Who doesn’t love a salmon & orange colored wall?

We saved the best for last… Metro has a Lincoln Heights stop off the gold line!

No excuses now, folks.