Los Angeles love

Los Angeles Love

More than likely you’re visiting us because, like us, you appreciate all things Los Angeles.

There’s a certain sense of pride that Angelenos have in living in one of the greatest cities in the world, & few things capture that as well as a good picture or video that showcases the grandeur of the neighborhoods & communities that make up the city.

We always like to think of Los Angeles as the Greater L.A. Metro – the chunk of land pretty much between the desert & the ocean, connected by freeways, sports franchises, & a common admiration of this oasis we live in.

Los Angeles love is everywhere. With so many artists, photographers, videographers, & designers in one city – it’s not difficult to find media that gives us pride & represents our common bond.

If seeing this photo gallery had you thinking about how much you dig this great city we live in, then I can’t imagine you won’t be amazed by these great videos of Los Angeles.

Take a look at the videos below & give us your feedback on why you love Los Angeles.

We dig hearing from locals about this great city & to hear you share your Los Angeles Love.


we remind Angelenos of what “living locally” has to offer.

barrio.la finds local companies making high quality, eco-friendly goods right here in Southern California.

Los Angeles has so much going on & is alive with eclectic neighborhoods, places to see & things to do – so while we’re at it – we keep you in the know about cool things going on in your own ‘hood & the cool people making it all happen.

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