meet me at metro

Metro L.A. station art & fun

Did you ever check out Watts Village Theater Company’s old annual event Meet me at Metro?

Meet me at Metro

2012 “Meet Me @ Metro” at (Gold Line –Mariachi Plaza)

Created by the theater company with the goal of connecting arts, public transportation & our Los Angeles communities, Meet me at Metro was a guided narrative that included perspective on Metro L.A. art & local neighborhood history.

It was just what we history nerds needed to stop rushing in & out of Metro stops – cool, interesting & thought provoking facts, with a fresh perspective on the artwork all around us at every stop.

We’re mentioning this event from 4 years ago, that as far as we can tell is no longer around, because we have to give props where props are due. The stories, performance & music were great, & it really gave us a deeper appreciation for all Metro art & the importance of people connecting & sharing their stories.

We traveled across the Gold Line learning about the local neighborhoods, hearing stories about local (historical) people, & really connecting with Los Angeles in a unique way.

Interested in seeing some local,  Metro Los Angeles art?

Click here for a peek at the art across all the stations & stops.

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