neighborhood: South L.A.


March 4, 2021 By

Jorge Daniel Nuñez (aka JDN73) is a 1st generation Mexican-American artist born in SoCal who paints from his Mexican tradition & American culture.


March 1, 2018 By

supporting L.A. local - we want to help cool, local people, & be motivated by how we can positively impact our local, Los Angeles...

Hunger Action Los Angeles

January 16, 2018 By

Hunger Action Los Angeles (HALA) works to end food insecurities and promote healthy eating through advocacy, direct service, and organizing.

urban and nature in LA

November 21, 2017 By

We have so many different & diverse communities in Los Angeles with some of the most amazing architecture & public parks.

WRDSMTH first solo show

November 13, 2017 By

WRDSMTH's first solo show at Fais Do Do in West Adams was an amazing event by L.A. artist whose work is seen all around...

expo line museums

October 26, 2017 By

If you’ve never been to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles or the California Science Center, guess what? They are right next to...

central avenue farmers market

September 7, 2017 By

Central Avenue Farmers Market offers fresh fruits, vegetables (organic, too!), breads, prepared foods, cooking demonstrations & neighborhood resources.

why farmers markets REALLY matter

August 18, 2017 By

Besides being fun places to meet friends in your neighborhood, farmer's markets positively impact Los Angeles communities in so many ways.

adams & vermont farmers market

August 9, 2017 By

Adams Vermont Farmers Market in Los Angeles is a fun, community-driven market - a great spot to explore old school L.A. and get...

street art in jefferson park

July 27, 2017 By

street art in Jefferson Park is pretty rad, mostly right off the Metro Station - & keep your eyes open for projects from #SmileSouthCentral.

gifts! made in LA

July 24, 2017 By jen of

We're confident we can find pretty much anything made-in-L.A.

Glitter Mountain

July 21, 2017 By

Glitter Mountain by Gina Zycher are hand thrown ceramics made in mid-city Los Angeles, that have their own kind of grace without being too...

El Senor de los Carritos

April 21, 2017 By Henry Lara

Los Angeles story about the search to find your true calling, and one lucky Angeleno, Jose Esparza - who found his as a kid.

Picking through the Cornucopia of “Tites” Crafts

April 21, 2017 By Henry Lara

Life doesn’t really begin when you are born, but rather when you master a craft or a number of them. In the case of...

Greenspans, Serving Firme Estilo Since ’28

March 3, 2017 By Henry Lara

Founded in 1928, your first visit to the legendary men's clothing store Greenspans in South Gate is quite mesmerizing and surprising.

Las Palmas de Los Angeles

March 3, 2017 By Henry Lara

The only native palm tree to Los Angeles is the California fan, all others have been imported.

Once was Jazz

February 1, 2017 By

History shows that we seem to forget things and sometimes we need reminders of history - like that a huge jazz scene was once...

Oil Boom in Los Angeles

January 24, 2017 By

The oil boom in Los Angeles may be long gone, but Los Angeles and it's surrounding communities are still smeared in black gold.

Charlie Waters and his Childhood Window

January 21, 2017 By Henry Lara

In 1955, my father Charles Waters was born upstairs in a building on the corner of 60th Place and Normandie Ave in South Los...

Chocolate and Steel

November 28, 2016 By

Armed with a hammer, torch & a rolling pin - Chocolate and Steel is eco-friendly jewelry, made in Los Angeles to make you smile.

Los Angeles love

October 24, 2016 By

There's a certain sense of pride that Angelenos have in living in one of the greatest cities in the world, & few things capture...

leimert park art walk

August 16, 2016 By

If you’ve never explored Leimert Park Village, hopefully you’ll now feel like you’ve been given the scoop on a cool, local secret - the...

locoL coffee & visit

August 1, 2016 By Anne Stericker

LocoL in Watts (with a second location in Oakland, CA) is a pretty happening place with a modern/contemporary feel, & cool, without feeling overwhelmingly...

metro LA love

May 21, 2016 By

We love Metro LA because it helps us learn people's stories & connect in ways we may not be able to in our car.