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  Eco-Friendly Felt Toys for Children, Teachers and Therapists In 2011, I made a set of play food out of felt for my then...


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supporting L.A. local - we want to help cool, local people, & be motivated by how we can positively impact our local, Los Angeles...

Nuvo Olive Oil

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Nuvo Olive Oil is authentic extra virgin olive oil - free of defects and full of medicinal like qualities - from our family farm...

an L.A. gift story v2

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Everything we use for our custom gifts are goods made by L.A. people - uniquely designed & slowly made by artists & artisans who...

gifts! made in LA

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We're confident we can find pretty much anything made-in-L.A.

Honey Belle

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Honey Belle in Brea, CA brings to you fresh, handcrafted body products made with the finest, organic, all natural, and chemical-free ingredients.

Craft, Main, & Co.

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Buy better, higher quality products from L.A.'s finest independent makers in a user-owned, retail cooperative - the first of its kind in L.A.

Facekins fabric face pads

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Facekins luxuriously soft, reusable fabric face pads to be used in place of disposable cotton balls or cotton pads, handcrafted in Orange County.