no selfie summer giveaway

Are you over summer selfies filling your social media feed?

We totally understand – don’t worry.

Before we jump in, totally cool if your personal feed is selfie filled. Freedom of choice is good – & 100% protects your right to post selfies.

Unless you can find someone to take your picture for you, or you have a camera-shy travel buddy willing to “take one for the team”, it’s hard to get great pictures of you without having to flip that phone around.

We don’t want you to be “forced” into another selfie post this summer, so let be your guide & host to a fun L.A. adventure.

jgoldcrown mural in Lincoln Heights

@jgoldcrown mural in Lincoln Heights

Let us take your picture!

wandering L.A. – one neighborhood at a time – we come across a lot of rad spots to take pictures.

Every so often we’re lucky enough to have someone snag a photo of us, like recently – when our friend, & contributing writer Anne Stericker of took the pressure off us & snapped away at one of our favorite go-to’s, Lincoln Heights.

No Selfie summer giveaway

Co-founders Jen & Rick Kanter #toocoolforselfies

Every day we explore different L.A. neighborhoods.

Meeting local, independent business owners – we share everything we do on Instagram & Facebook.

We also use every locally-made product we feature in our shop & our proud to work closely with all our independently-owned product partners.

no selfie summer giveaway

One of our favorite non selfie pics @ the L.A. Times Festival of Books




WIN an amateur photo session with for you & up to 3 of your friends – just us, our smartphones, & a spot we choose together with cool spots to take pictures.

WIN a $100 swag bag filled with locally-made gifts.

We’ll bring coffee from a local coffee shop, some snacks that we pack on our trips – & if you are down, take you on a street hike through the area.

We want to treat you & your crew to a fun & unique adventure in L.A.

We’ll be your personal paparazzi snapping photos.

What do you think – You down?


Super simple & takes 5 minutes… tops!

visit our No Selfie Summer Giveaway post on Instagram, & if you don’t already – follow our page (

In the comments – tag 1, 2, or 3 friends.

Boom, you’re done.

Winners will be announced on July 31st, randomly picked from those who tagged friends.


Must be 16 & over to enter (Must be accompanied by an adult if under 18)

Must live in Los Angeles or Orange County, California

Must be able to arrive to a location near you (whether by foot, train, or car). From there, we’ll show you around the area.

Connect with us if you have any questions.

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