old griffith park zoo

Abandoned L.A. Zoo: Griffith Park Zoo

Need a change of scenery – mixed with some L.A. history, too?

How ’bout Griffith Park & if you’re feeling adventurous – the Griffith Park Zoo?

Anytime an urban city is able to keep a massive green space  preserved within the city, it feels like a major win for local residents – especially one like Los Angeles, with endless activities.

There are unlimited possibilities all-year long at Griffith Park.

Walk, hike, picnic in the grass, visit the observatory, play at one of the playgrounds, horseback ride or  ride the $2 merry-go-round.

Merry Go Round at Griffith Park

Or how about a visit the Old Griffith Park Zoo (the O.G. L.A. Zoo)?

hmmmm… never heard of it?

Here’s how to get there:

 Make your way to the Griffith Park merry-go-round & from there park in the lot just past it.

If you feel like hiking (maybe 1/8 of a mile), you will see a trail head as you walk from the parking lot towards the grassy area. You’ll know that you’re headed up the right trail if walk about 100 feet & see a graffiti covered signed.

Don’t feel like hiking?

No worries – walk past the trail head – continue on the grassy area – & follow the walkway (away from the playground).

There were some great views though if you decide to hike there.

Griffith Park Zoo

Griffith Park Zoo

Griffith Park Zoo

Griffith Park Zoo

Griffith Park Zoo

If you don’t hike & walk up the grassy patch – keep exploring behind the cages.

Griffith Park Zoo

Griffith Park Zoo

When you spot street art…

Griffith Park Zoo

Griffith Park Zoo

Griffith Park Zoo

Hard to read the Old L.A. zoo sign, but if you focus closely you can make out the animals which were there & the history of the zoo.

A small piece of Los Angeles history.

Griffith Park Zoo

We climbed, explored & chatted about the graffiti we read- & then we tried a Tamarindo raspado dessert at the playground.

Definitely a good day in L.A.




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