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Clean Living Natural Luxury

Derived from Nature, Non-Toxic, with Bio-Degradable Ingredients.

Natural Luxury refers not only to the quality of ingredients, or the rich look, feel, & scent of our products, but also to the comfort derived from using Skin & Hair care made from Clean Living’s No Compromise, All-Natural approach   – James Derner, Owner

CLEAN LIVING soaps are made from vegetable oils, rather than the tallow (animal lard) used by commercial manufacturers. Vegetable oils are rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, yet leave no residue. Additionally, CLEAN LIVING’s products are scented only with Aromatherapy-Grade Essential Oils (from plants), rather than synthetic “fragrance oils”, which can cause allergic reactions. Finally, our soaps are made with almost 15% more oil than a balanced formula, so they won’t dry out.

CLEAN LIVING lotions, creams & moisturizers are infused with a blend of green tea, calendula, chamomile, shavegrass, nettled & comfrey root.

• Calendula is wonderful for irritated skin • Chamomile is calming • Green Tea is antioxidant rich •

In combination with Essential Fatty-Acid rich oils (avocado oil, grape seed oil, rosehip seed), skin that’s been damaged by sun & pollution can be properly moisturized & supported in it’s repair.

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meet CLEAN LIVING founder Jim Derner:

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“My life is my business. I’ve worked 7 days a week for 15 years now creating and selling my products. I never went into it thinking it could be a business. I’ve just always been allergic to certain ingredients in commercial skin care, so it was first: A selfish hobby, then: A tax write-off that, finally: A business.

I grew up mostly on the East Coast, but always wanted to come to California. I am a long-time resident of Santa Monica, where I also make everything – & my favorite california places are Big Sur – my spiritual place of retreat, Pismo Beach & Palisades Park in Santa Monica.

Going somewhere to hang out takes time away from production, but if I do leave- I go to the Veggie Grill – they’re right up the street and the food is wonderful. Coming from a mid-west “meat & potatoes” family, I had no idea that plant-based food could taste that good.

I support KCRW & The Roosevelt School – I do their Holiday Boutique every year and feel like one of the boosters. My favorite local artist is Richard Diebenkorn – he was one of the “Ocean Park Artists” of the 60’s – blending So-Cal light & color with modernism.”

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