Clean Planetware

Clean Planetware

Meet the Kumars

Clean Planetware is a company founded by the Kumar Family in Southern California.

In 2008, they began the conversion of their suburban home into an organic farm and model of sustainability that produces 3000 pounds of food annually, harvests rainwater, and serves as a learning center for gardening. They named their house The Growing Home. 

Learn more about their homestead, see pictures, and schedule a tour at:

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As part of their shift towards a more natural lifestyle, the Kumars have set out to discontinue their use of plastic petroleum-based products that leach harmful chemicals into our bodies and into the earth. They’ve found that the alternatives to modern plastic products can still be found in traditional societies. Stainless steel dinnerware is a centuries-old tradition in India.

The Kumars themselves are still using stainless steel dinnerware that has been passed down to them from their great great grandmother.

The stainless steel never breaks!


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