Deakin Handmade


Deakin Handmade leather goods are quality goods built for function & durability.

Deakin has grown out of a longstanding desire to create function-driven, timeless goods that we intended to use ourselves. As individuals, we are drawn to things that are well made and have set ourselves to the task of producing durable, and elegantly simple wares that will stand up to your adventures and improve with age.

We do our best to ensure heirloom-quality construction in each of our pieces. In time, they will gain a unique patina and develop their own character, offering a sense of pride and companionship. We build our products with the hope that they will be used well, used often, see many adventures & be passed on for many generations.

Thank you for choosing to create a new heritage with us.


We trust that you’ll enjoy our goods for years to come.

check out the Leather Wrapped Mason Mug from Deakin Handmade

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