El Machete Chilli Sauces

El Machete of Boyle Heights

El Machete Handcrafted Chilli Sauces

El Machete produces Mexican inspired, high-quality chilli sauces, salsas, and fiery condiments that reflect Angeleno food and urban culture.

El Machete Chilli Sauces are a unique craft line of hot sauces, owned and created under Boyle Heights Chilli Sauce Company.

Boasting a variety of Mexico-Los Angeles inspired small batch pre-packaged chilli-pepper products, there is something for everyone.

Sauces range from vinegar-based chilli sauces (hot sauces), hot mustards, hot chilli oils, chilli pastes, pickled chillis, and home-style salsas.

El Machete handkrafted sauces El Machete handkrafted sauces

Micro-batches are between 25-75 bottles/jars per run; each batch is created by owner Oscar, and assistant Vicky.

With care and attention to quality, flavor, and ingredients: spices are pan-roasted, black pepper is always freshly ground, we use locally grown Christopher Ranch heirloom garlic, sweeten with Mexican cane sugar or Agave nectar, and season our creations with Kosher or all natural sea salt.

We offer only the very best of what we create to our community of customers.

Fresh Chillis for the El Machete El Machete Packaged & ready to go

Oscar Ochoa: Historian/Saucebrewer

El Machete Founder Oscar Ochoa

El Machete Founder Oscar Ochoa (middle)

Boyle Heights Native, and self-taught sauce-maker, Oscar Ochoa explores art, social, & political history through the brand, El Machete.

As Co-Founder of El Machete Artists Collective, he collaborates with local artists to co-promote chilli sauces & artwork.

El Machete raises awareness of social, cultural, and historical themes in urban communities.

El Machete Chilli Sauce


El Machete handkrafted Chilli Sauces

The El Machete Brand aims to lead an urban movement to amplify the fiery-artisanal food culture in Los Angeles and leverage its products and brand to build a community of partners.

El Machete aims to advance fiery food culture and civic advocacy within urban Los Angeles and beyond.

“Our social reality is one of transition from an archaic
order to a new order. Those who create art must strive
to include in their work clear ideological propaganda
for the people, art armed for combat, that makes people
aware of their history and their civil rights. Beauty
will nourish their [people’s] sensitivity, and art will
preserve their rich traditions.”
– El Machete Newspaper, Mexico City, circa 1924

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