Facekins fabric face pads

Facekins Fabric Pads

Facekins fabric face pads

Facekins fabric face pads are luxuriously soft, reusable fabric face pads to be used in place of disposable cotton balls or cotton pads & are handcrafted, hand-sewn, & packaged by hand, in a Tustin, CA home studio in Orange County.

Facekins™ fabric pads founder Connie Simon

Facekins™ founder Connie Simon

Facekins™ began when Connie Simon decided to stop throwing disposable cotton pads in the trash & made her own reusable facial pads.

She used a very soft fabric &, liking how they felt, decided others might like them, too.

Connie knew she was on to something when spas starting using them on their facial clients.

As a marketing test, a space at a local artisan fair offered Facekins to the public and sold out in two days!

• GO GREEN – wash, don’t toss

• absorbs less, so product isn’t wasted

• doesn’t leave “fuzz”

• luxuriously soft for sensitive skin (especially around the eyes)

• perfect for travel


Facekins are hand-made and packaged in Southern California, USA.



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