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HollyWood & Twine owner & crafter Amy Jornensen

Local crafter Amy Jorgensen personally hand paints every piece of wood signs & crafts she creates. Combining reclaimed wood, vintage hardware, paint & a whole lot of love- Hollywood & Twine has been making & selling wood crafts & signs since 1985.

meet Amy of Hollywood & Twine:

I moved to Los Angeles from Colorado in 2011, ready for big city life. I knew very little about the city. Every day has been an adventure ever since! I live Mid-City but have also lived in Hollywood and on the Westside. I wanted to work for myself and reviving the family business seemed like a natural fit. I love painting old furniture and upcycling treasures that I find at flea markets and yard sales.”

“Just like the wood sign I make says, ‘I heart LA.’ This city has been really good to me. I’ve so enjoyed making friends and getting to know the area hiking trails and beaches. There are so many yoga class options, which I really take advantage of in the winter months. Most of all, I love the weather. I’m a transplant, originally from Des Moines, Iowa but I lived in Colorado for several years.”

“The Palisades Farmers Market is just such a beautiful setting. I remember the first time I shopped there I saw an abundance of peaches and it was so beautiful! My favorite beach is Zuma Beach, and my favorite hiking spot is Griffith Park – I love the trees there.”

“I really vibe with the people and lifestyle here. It is a city of dreams. I don’t work 9-5, it’s more of a hustle and that is the fun part. Meeting up with friends for coffee or a hike on a weekday feels like I’m playing hooky and it’s fun…even if I have to spend the evening working to make up for it. I’m building my business and that’s a labor of love!”

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