HollyWood & Twine

HollyWood & Twine

HollyWood & Twine owner & crafter Amy Jornensen

Wonder what inspires her cheeky mugs, t-shirts & handcrafted signs?

Meet Amy from Hollywood & Twine

She loves Los Angeles & Zuma Beach, too!

“The Palisades Farmers Market is just such a beautiful setting. I remember the first time I shopped there I saw an abundance of peaches and it was so beautiful! My favorite beach is Zuma Beach, and my favorite hiking spot is Griffith Park – I love the trees there.”

“I really vibe with the people and lifestyle here. It is a city of dreams. I don’t work 9-5, it’s more of a hustle and that is the fun part. Meeting up with friends for coffee or a hike on a weekday feels like I’m playing hooky and it’s fun…even if I have to spend the evening working to make up for it. I’m building my business and that’s a labor of love!”

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