La Luna Salt

A Flavored Sea Salt Company

la luna salt

la luna salt contains:

No additives No preservatives No GMO

Just kosher sea salt + all natural flavor. Naturally infused… Naturally GOOD

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la luna salt

la luna salt Founder Tasha Moon

Hi all, I’m Tasha Moon!

I thought I’d throw up a picture of me so you guys would know the person behind it all.

la luna salt is not just a company to me, it’s my passion. Simply put, I LOVE MY SALT. I’m obsessed with weird flavor combinations and cooking super tasty, one of a kind dishes. I like to be in control when I’m in the kitchen… therefore recipes are out the window!

la luna salt puts YOU in control of what you make. Now, instead of following some pain-staking recipe that you’re not completely sure will turn out, you can make the same foods you like, but enhanced with a different flavor. Veggies… pick a salt, meat… pick a salt, pasta sauce…pick a salt! It’s really easy.

Using la luna salt to enhance your food, you can make anything you want, 20 different ways. So go for it. Mix them together or with your favorite seasoning you already use. There’s no limit to what you do with la luna salt.

la luna salt

Fun is where you sprinkle it.

Raise your standards, and the universe will meet you there.


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