LKLY Designs

LKLY Designs

Lisa Young is owner of, and designer & maker at LKLY Designs.

LKLY Designs

LKLY, simply, are Lisa’s initials!

Lisa has been weaving baskets and bowls, and tucking little treasures into them since she was a young girl. Her fascination began when visiting a family friend and noticing a row of miniature pine needle coiled baskets displayed on the piano. She knew how to coil a basket by the next day!

Today, Lisa’s aesthetics in her basketry, along with her other goods (accent pillows & jewelry), are informed and influenced by her background in art history, folk culture & traditions, her travels, and upbringing in domestic arts (crochet, sewing, loom weaving).

Lisa has been teaching art to children and adults for over ten years, focusing on basket weaving for the past five.
Lisa is available to teach group and private coil basketry lessons.

For custom orders & coil basketry lesson inquiries:  [email protected]

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