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Hello. I’m Lauren Makai – owner, artist, & designer. 

It’s with excitement and pleasure that I introduce you to my line of jewelry – the Commuter Collection.

Lauren Makai

Lauren Makai

As a designer, I’m constantly asking what ideas, objects, and activities are shaping the individual and collective experience. In 2008, when I relocated from Brooklyn, NY to Los Angeles, CA, I started asking what ideas, objects, activities, unified the LA experience. I quickly concluded that one unavoidable reality connecting us all is LA’s driving culture. Good, bad, freeing, hectic – almost everyone in LA has an opinion regarding Southern California’s roadways. My fascination with car culture became a major focus for my work as an artist. My lighting designs, interactive installations, and print series all highlight different aspects associated with driving. This focus ultimately led to what is now the Commuter Collection, a necklace designed to spotlight your highway of choice or even route your entire commute.”

“Everyone driving has somewhere to go and a reason to go there. However, we speed right by each other, not always connecting to the driver in the car next to us. It’s my hope that the Commuter Collection will help you slow down so that you can tell your story of where you go and why you go there. The freeway numbers are familiar to us all, but our connections to the numbers are unique.”


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