Urban Bloom

Urban Bloom Succulents

Our Designs Reflect the Los Angeles Landscape

We use a combination of succulents, drought tolerant plants, shells and found objects to create small to large arrangements that will enhance your living space.

Urban Bloom Succulents Urban Bloom Succulents as gifts urban bloom succulents

Sustainable Designs

After years of buying flowers and plants for loved ones, we realized that theses gifts did not last.

The ephemeral nature of flowers led to a gift that was quickly thrown out, never to be appreciated again.

Urban Bloom Succulents Urban Bloom Succulents

As California began to experience greater drought issues, the use of succulents became an obvious choice for us.

When paired with shells and drift wood, succulents resemble the underwater landscape of a coral reef, creating unique, long lasting arrangement.

found & natural objects with succulents make for great gifts Succulents using natural objects

Inspired by distinct colors and structure

Urban Bloom aims at using natural objects, upcycled pottery, existing fountains, and seashells as vessels for succulents and other drought tolerant plants.

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