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Willow & Honey is handmade soul nourishing bath & body products

Welcome to willow & honey, where whimsy, magical imagination and deeply nourishing skincare collide.

Willow & Honey

Willow & Honey Founder Corey Cuadra


After graduating second in her class from the Culinary Institute of America, Corey Cuadra used her skills, knowledge and creativity to work her way up in the kitchen, working at Michelin star restaurants and 5 star hotels.

After having her son in 2012, she took a step back from the kitchen to be present for her little cutie. She soon realized that her son, Noah, had developed a sensitivity to any type of fragrance in bath and body products. She did some research and found a recipe to make her own soap using organic oils, butters and carrots! What?! FOOD! ( and his eczema went away!!!)

From that first bar of soap she was hooked!

There are so many similarities in cooking and soap making that she felt right at home. Corey could use all of the principles that were already ingrained in her from the kitchen: mixing, blending, dehydtrating, steeping, infusing. COOKING!

The Willow & Honey philosophy

What drove Corey’s passion for cooking was the happiness that she could give someone with just one bite of something that she created and she wanted to make sure that she kept that alive in her bath and body products.

Have you ever forgotten about your stressful day at work with just one bite of your favorite piece of chocolate or that perfectly baked eclair?

That sense of pure bliss, magic, and happiness that you feel deep down in your soul ( that slice of heaven) is what willow & honey aims to do with each yummy, handmade product that she creates for you.

So, Corey uses her creative, whimsical cooking skills to approach soap making the same way that a chef would a gourmet meal – it has to be nourishing to the body, mind, and soul. Her goal is to give you a few stolen moments of happiness everytime you use a willow & honey gourmet goody!


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