people in LA

We feel strongly about making real connections with people in LA

people in LA

From the onset, we at knew that our company would be different from others because of how we would connect with people.

Sometimes getting out of your “5 mile radius” comfort-zone can be difficult for Angelenos – we totally get it. Each L.A. neighborhood is unique & cool in it’s own way, & most are really set up to be self-sufficient. I mean seriously – why brave traffic across town to go to another market when you are perfectly happy with your own, local market?

Different L.A. neighborhoods have different cultures, different styles, & different hangouts… but we are more connected then we realize.

los angeles river 6th street bridge

6th Street Bridge – ca 2015

Our logo being the 6th Street Bridge represents our mission.

A symbolic “bridge” between different communities & cultures, &a literal bridge connecting 2 very different areas of L.A. –  it’s also a bridge across different generations. Older folks remember it & usually have a story about it, younger folks dig it (seriously… check out #6thStreetBridge), & the newest generation will have had short glimpses of it before it’s changed to usher in a new era of revitalization along the L.A. River & in Downtown Los Angeles.

Neighborhoods separated by only a few miles can be distinctly different in Los Angeles, & honestly – how cool is that?

To connect you with new people in LA from different neighborhoods, we want to introduce you to all the different designers, artists, & makers we feature in our shop.

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We make sure to find people all across the Greater L.A. metro, handcrafting & designing the highest quality goods – & then work with them closely to help them grow their independent businesses.

Like Connie Simon of Facekins in Tustin, CA (pictured below with her husband Sandy)


“I grew up making things and love the locally-made community. I love being a part of the family! For me, it’s about more than using local products—it’s the connections we make with customers and other makers when we share our product, our vision and our dreams.” – Connie Simon

… or one of our favorite people in Los Angeles, Esther Levy of Ujjayi BoutiqueWe’ve learned so much from her about product ingredients & how to create the best business by always taking chances & creating things unique & irreplaceable.

One of our favorites is Lexi Timmons, Registered Nurse (RN) & founder of Lumpy Cards, whose story about why she created her business shows you why supporting local, independent businesses is so much more personal than the opposite.


“I’ve always been drawn to oncology, as I felt I could make the greatest difference there. I became an Oncology RN because I loved the connection I got to make with my patients, it was so satisfying to support them through something so challenging.

But everything changed when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in September, 2012. Cancer became personal, and from then on, every patient reminded me of her, and the newfound fear I had. It was crippling watch my mom, the most inspirational woman in my life, my role model, go through what my patients did.

Living more than three hours away, I couldn’t just drop by and be there when she was sick. I tirelessly searched for ways to brighten her day, and ended up buying lots of blank cards, because most of the cards out there were depressing. I wanted to make her laugh, so I started designing my own funny cancer cards.

My goal now is to bring laughter to as many cancer patients as I can. Now that LumpyCards has grown and we offer wholesale, customizable cards, apparel and tote bags, I’m happy knowing that I can make more patients feel good as they walk into the treatment area wearing their empowering LumpyCards apparel and totes.

Real stories by real people is what we are all about, & we are excited to continue sharing with you the great people we meet, the amazing artists in your neighborhoods, & ways you can both support & appreciate your local community by supporting local people.” – Lexi Timmons

No matter what we do, we’ll promise to continue to share the stories of all the people in LA we meet, & hopefully give you an L.A. experience unlike what you’ve personally found in your own adventures.

we remind Angelenos of what “living locally” has to offer. finds local companies making high quality, eco-friendly goods right here in Southern California.

Los Angeles has so much going on & is alive with eclectic neighborhoods, places to see & things to do – so while we’re at it – we keep you in the know about cool things going on in your own ‘hood & the cool people making it all happen.

feel like wandering with us?

cool… ’cause that’s what we do here.