woodcat coffee bar

Woodcat Coffee Bar

From my Places to Drink Coffee in Los Angeles series (a real thing I just made up), today I am giving you a rundown on Woodcat Coffee Bar in Echo Park.

First a quick poll: Am I the only one who, upon reading the name “Woodcat,” mentally chants “How much wood could a woodcat chuck if a woodcat could chuck wood?”?  Anyone? Comment below. By the way, Woodcat is an old Scottish nickname for a hare, proving once again that Scottish people are awesome. I am part Scottish.

Anyway, as I was saying, Woodcat Coffee Bar in Echo Park (in a pretty cool, sort of still up-and-coming part of Los Angeles) is an awesome little specialty coffee shop with a very low-key, casual energy and a lot of charm. Maybe it is because of the actual coffee bar, which, in itself, is a feat of wood artistry, or the mason jars full of wild-looking flowers set all about, or because it’s in a part of Los Angeles that at least feels like it might not yet have been completely taken over by the cool kids. Whatever the reason, there isn’t a pretentious, coffee-snob feeling anywhere in this place.

Woodcat Coffee Bar

The reclaimed wood coffee bar at Woodcat.

And, in spite of that, Woodcat is a coffee shop that takes its coffee seriously. The coffee is from Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters, a coffee roaster in the San Francisco Bay Area recognized for its sustainably-sourced, expertly-roasted coffee. The baristas (including owner Saadat) also know what they are doing, and so the end result is delicious coffee.

Woodcat Coffee Bar

My expert investigative journalistic talents at work: Looked at some of the photos on the Woodcat website and used my amazing powers of observation to figure out that this is Saadat Awan, one of the owners (not pictured is co-owner Janine Awan). To be honest, this caption was funnier [to me] when it was “I think this might be the owner, but I am not sure and it is too late to call to verify. Also don’t know what his name is.”

Baked goods: For me, delicious coffee is the most important thing, but if a coffee shop also has really good (i.e. made fresh, real ingredients, delicious-tasting) baked goods, I am so happy. And Woodcat comes through with a selection of deliciousness from Sugarbloom Bakery and Sugarbird Sweets that will not disappoint. Also, they have really elegant chocolate bars from Nathan Miller.

Woodcat Coffee Bar

Nathan Miller chocolate bars and a glimpse of the Sugarbird Sweets at Woodcat.

In close, Woodcat Coffee Bar is another totally-worth it coffee shop to visit in Los Angeles (Echo Park). If you’ve been, or if you end up going, would love to hear what you think.

Woodcat Coffee Bar

Woodcat Coffee

1532 W Sunset Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90026

By phone: 213.537.0147

Weekdays 6a-6p
Weekends 7a-6p

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