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handcrafted in Malibu

deep cleansing oil by Beachy Kleen in Malibu, California is a sensitive skin cleanser & moisturizer with a blend of non-comodogenic hydrating & energizing oils.

easily removes makeup, face paint, temporary tattoos- with a non-greasy feeling.

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wipes out make-up, impurities, & dry skin the natural way by cleaning, clarifying, nourishing, & balancing your skin – while preventing breakouts.

deep cleansing oil is super gentle, feels amazing, & is perfect for all skin types.

when the therapeutic oils are massaged into your skin they will dissolve any hardened oil & impurities stuck in your pores –  the most effective way to really clean your face, naturally.

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deep cleansing oil ingredients:

  • cold pressed avocado oil –  oil of an avocado has a thin consistency which allows it to penetrate the skin & deliver the oxidants, vitamins A & E – which soothe the skin.
  • cold pressed castor oil – potent anti-inflammatory properties, a long history of use as a healing & cleansing oil & thick and somewhat astringent, so it cleans well and feels great.
  • tamanu oil – heals damaged skin, noted benefits for scarring, stretch marks, minor cuts and abrasions, rashes, sores, & more.
  • vitamin E oil – when mixed with vitamin A – has sunscreen & protective properties.
  • organic chamomile oil – reduces scars & spots on face, very calming, & an anti-inflammatory.
  • organic rose hip oil – chock full of vitamin C & vitamin A – with the vitamin C antioxidants stimulating collagen production & reducing fine lines, while the vitamin A has small enough molecules to go deeper into the skin – improving the skin’s moisture levels & reducing wrinkles.


1 review for chemical free make-up remover

  1. 5 out of 5


    I love the deep cleansing oil and have been using it as a makeup remover. It’s such a great alternative to the drug store remover that is made from harsh chemicals and alcohol, which completely dries out your skin. I was using a VERY expensive eye makeup remover gel as it was the only one I could find that didn’t irritate my eyes and the tender, thin skin around them. I was then introduced to this oil from Beachy Kleen by a friend. It’s all natural, gentle to the skin, doesn’t irritate my eyes. In addition to that — and arguably even more important — it completely removes makeup (even hard to remove mascara) and leaves my skin moisturized as an added bonus (my crow’s feet are thankful). I am going to recommend this to everyone — and you can’t beat the price, especially since the 4 oz size will last months as you only need 1-3 pumps per use. I am a fan!

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