reuse, recycle & eco-friendly gift giving

Reuse, Reuse, Reuse:

As pretty as dumpsters can appear in a black & white, filtered picture, maybe we should think of them as a absolute last resort?

reuse, reuse, reuse

Just think, 100% of these materials would have gone directly to the landfill if we hadn’t rescued them…

& turn them into a, “sweet new, Mar Vista pop-up” (her words, not ours).

Here are simple ways to re-use some of our favorite goods:

Lincoln Heights-made Further Products

are pretty much the shining example of reusability.

Taking grease from Los Angeles area restaurants, powering their cars with the bio-fuel & THEN creating subtlety scented bergamot & grass products that look so chic in your home, office or business.

Our shipping boxes are matte black & simple, so they can be re-used – store shoes/scarves/sweaters in them, reuse them for another gift or give them to your kids to construct something with them.

(make sure to take everything out of your barrio box first or you’ll be bummed).

In the United States alone it is estimated that over 850 million toothbrushes are discarded and end up in landfill every single year.

Brush with Bamboo reuses their toothbrushes as a seedling marker.

reuse, reuse, reuse toothbrushes

We use recyclable, corrugated card-board boxes for our shipments always ship via USPS – no need to contribute to more cars on the road.

All orders arrive ready as a gift, filled with compostable black crinkle paper & a small card (which can also be re-used for art projects) with a little reminder that your gift supports people, non-profits & communities in Los Angeles.

All products sold on are sourced locally & we feature products that have reusable containers, with a preference towards those using sustainable & recyclable packaging.