simple living: reuse

Reuse, Reuse, Reuse:

Not sure what to do with it now?

As pretty as dumpsters can appear in a black & white, filtered picture, maybe we can think of them as a last resort?

reuse, reuse, reuse

Here are simple ways to re-use some of our favorite goods:

Organic Punk Boutique candle tins will keep your favorite treasures hidden and safe.

reuse, reuse, reuse with Organic Punk Boutique

Simple shipping boxes can be re-used (make sure to take everything inside out first or you’ll be bummed) for another gift or to ship something else.

reuse, reuse, reuse gift boxes

Almost everything here can be cleaned out & reused for traveling, camping & hiking –  the vintage paper can be reused for art projects.

reuse, reuse, reuse handcrafted goods
Brush with Bamboo reuses their toothbrushes as a seedling marker.

reuse, reuse, reuse toothbrushes

We try to be mindful of our impact on the environment, with every purchase we make & every process vetted to ensure that it meets the muster of being eco-conscious. We use recyclable, corrugated card-board boxes for our shipments, and ship always via USPS – as shipping through 3rd party carriers like FedEx or UPS puts another truck on already congested roads.

All our shipment boxes arrive ready as a gift, but don’t worry – we don’t use unnecessary space fillers & wasteful confections – just a simple sheet of wax kraft paper over your products to protect them during shipment.

All our products sold on are sourced locally & we feature products typically that have reusable containers, with a preference towards those using sustainable & recyclable packaging.