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easily overwhelmed by all of the product information available?

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Seriously… reading labels on food & personal goods can make your head spin. Is soy good or bad these days? What about all of the ingredients that we can’t pronounce or honestly even know what they are? This prompted a challenge for us. Can we find products for ourselves, our families & homes, which have simple & quickly researched ingredients?

We love the idea that less is better & in general less scary or confusing, too.

Tackling this challenge & pushing it even further, we decided that the benefits of finding these products in the Los Angeles area were too obvious to ignore. Less environmental impact, support of our local economy – including schools, & the benefit of knowing the people behind the products.

When was the last time you had that warm and fuzzy feeling when you bought something?

It’s possible, we promise.

Buying from local people makes you feel exactly like when your name is called at your local coffee shop & you take your first sip. Happy. Just one of the benefits of buying locally is you cut out those long freight & warehouse processes that force chain-store products to add chemicals for longevity. Everything we sell is sourced locally & uses the highest standards for ingredients.

Join us on this adventure & challenge &  try replacing your daily products at home, which are filled with 9,000 ingredients (okay, slight exaggeration – but you get our point).

All of the ingredients are listed on the product pages & we will explain to you how to use everything.

As an added bonus for taking the plunge, we will tell you all of the neighborhoods which will benefit & a little bit about the person or people that made your products.

Just try them & let us know what you think.


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