street art by wrdsmth


art credit: street art by @wrdsmith

Living in Los Angeles, you’ve most likely seen WDSMITH‘s street art on walls, electrical boxes, or any of the other canvases for street art around the city. Words of inspiration meant to provide perspective – WRDSMITH has become a fixture as one of the most popular local street artists. Sometimes you need that extra motivation or a different way to look at things & we often find ourselves in those moments seeing his trademark typewriter with block writing & finding the answers there.

As stated to Los Angeles lifestyle blogger The LA Girl when she asked him why he does this,  “his answer was definite and full of passion – “I write things on walls that I wished people would have said to me when I first moved here.” (The LA Feature: WRDSMITH)

We love what WRDSMITH does & we’ll make sure to always share any new pieces we see during our L.A. adventures – as he’s constantly creating new art.

Make sure to visit the Arts District Co-Op in the Arts District of Los Angeles to buy prints & shirt of his art.

Buy limited-edition prints signed by WRDSMITH here at 

Aspire to Inspire - Venice, CA - Wrdsmith

Aspire to Inspire in LA - Wrdsmith




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