street art Los Angeles

Street art in Los Angeles

When was the last time you played “ I Spy”?

Not just in the car passing time on a road trip, but walking, hiking or maybe while riding your bike?

In the spirit of appreciating adventures, we wanted to kick off CicLAvia: Culver City meets Venice with our street art version of I Spy.

Since street art is constantly changing, removed & replaced, some artists’ pieces may already be gone.

Enjoy the hunt… let us know which ones you see… & share the pictures here!

Street art Los Angeles

Located just off Washington, near Metro’s Expo Line Culver City stop.

Let’s start on the east-end of our Culver City to Venice adventure (with stops in Mar Vista!)

Near the Culver City stop on the Metro Los Angeles Expo Line we saw a collaboration between San Francisco painter & sculptor Zio Ziegler & local street artist (born in Downey!) bumblebeelovesyouNo doubt you recognize bumbleebeelovesyou’s immediately identifiable color scheme, with themes of childhood & innocence usually shown in his art.

Street art Los Angeles

Representing the 310-  Culver City on Washington

Sometimes the artists are immediately discernible, but sometimes – no matter how much we look, we can only thank them for making the city a little bit more interesting. We totally dig that this artists’ work on Washington in Culver City shows some love to the 3-1-0.

Not much better than a quote from Maya Angelou to brighten up your day – as seen here on a building in Culver City.

Street Art Los Angeles

On the border of Culver City & Palms

At over 18 feet tall – this beautiful spray-paint collaboration between Canadian-born Kevin Ledo &  acclaimed local artist Christina Angelina (aka “Starfighter”) is hard to miss from the street. Christina Angelina – who was born, raised, & currently  lives in Venice, CA – is known for amazing murals, often off-the-beaten-path – & typically featuring life-like drawings.

Street Art Los Angeles

Del Rey/Mar Vista – Washington & Centinela

Street Art Los Angeles

Inglewood just North of Venice

Fully representing old school L.A. & Venice – we found this rad mural by 40-year street art veteran & L.A. native Hector Hex Rios (aka Hex TGO) of Allen Sarlo,  local legend, surfer, & original member of the Dogtown Z-Boys of Venice Beach.

Street Art Los Angeles

@ the Mar Vista Farmer’s Market

Definitely a throw back- let us know if you remember this piece.  One of our first “I Spy” street art adventures.

Street Art Los Angeles

@ The Hangar in Mar Vista on Centinela & Palms

Along with being a cool home furnishings store, The Hangar in Mar Vista supports the local street artist community by featuring a different L.A. artist every month.

When in Mar Vista – you have to check them out.

We love the Mar Vista Art Walk for it’s music, fun, & community feel – but let’s be honest, it’s an art walk – & Venice Blvd. is loaded with amazing art when they do their events – so we’d feel weird not sharing a few great pics we took of street art put out for the show.

Street Art Los Angeles

Venice & Grandview, outside of Vintage on Venice

Vintage on Venice is one of our favorite local vintage shops, & it doesn’t hurt there’s a rad mural by Christina Angelina.

Street Art Los Angeles

Venice & (just two blocks south) Grandview


Street Art Los Angeles

Next to 826LA & Time Travel Mart in Mar Vista

One of our favorite street art stopping points in Mar Vista.  We promise that every time you stop here, you’ll find a new piece of art.

Street Art Los Angeles

Venice & Walgrove

If you’ve ever watched the film, Z-Boy & Dogtown, Jay Adams is one of the original skaters.

Street Art Los Angeles

Venice & (just West of) Lincoln

We caught this one a few years ago on Venice-  wish it was still around… & no luck finding the artist, even after checking #THEMANYTHANKS.

Street Art Los Angeles

Venice Canals – Venice Beach, CA

Let’s be honest – the Venice Canals may not have street art, but walking through it feels like you’ve stepped inside an art gallery, with so much creativity & vibrancy – it’s a great way to end an L.A. adventure.

Street Art Los Angeles

Venice Beach

“Luminaries of Pantheism” is the name of this mural by San Fernando Valley street artist Levi Ponce – who is a local superstar for his work on murals in the SFV, as well as some work on “Mural Mile” in Pacoima.

Say what’s up to Albert Einstein, Alan Watts, Baruch Spinoza, Terence McKenna, Carl Jung, Carl Sagan, Emily Dickinson, Nikola Tesla, Friedrich Nietzsche, Ralph Waldo Emerson, W.E.B. Du Bois, Henry David Thoreau, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Rumi, Adi Shankara, & Lao Tzu next time you visit Venice.

Take a look at a couple other great finds in the area:

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