sunken city san pedro

Urban Adventure in Sunken City San Pedro

You’ve probably seen the pictures; gritty, spray-painted rocks & cement platforms nestled along the ocean side cliffs.  After seeing the pictures of San Pedro’s “Sunken City” all over social media, we had to check it out.

For those of you not familiar with San Pedro, it’s got an old school Los Angeles port city with a understated vibe that we really appreciate & love – a balanced mix of families, young visitors & long time residents.

Lots of charming old craftsman style homes & nautical/military themes all around, too.

San Pedro

Our little “wickie” at Point Fermin

In general, we don’t plan out every last detail of our adventures, so we entirely lucked out when we walked up to Point Fermin Lighthouse as a tour was starting.

Besides the gorgeous panoramic views of the coastline & ocean (yep, we saw dolphins & seals), we loved the fact that the lighthouse’s first & last “wickies” were women.

The lighthouse is a quick & easy walk to the Sunken City- if you look West, you’ll see Catalina Island.

San Pedro family fun

Sunken City in San Pedro

Sunken City in San Pedro

Sunken City San Pedro

Looking for treasures & jewels!

Pictures barely do it justice.

The Sunken City & its beach are filled with never-ending treasures (shells, rocks, colored seaweed & tide pools) & a revolving display of graffiti & street art.

We’re pretty sure that what we saw this past weekend probably won’t be there the next time we explore. Pretty good motivation to make it out there a few times a year.

If you love green spaces where you can walk around & check out the view, definitely head up to the Korean Bell of Friendship.

San Pedro Sunken City

A gift from Korea in celebration of the our Bicentennial, the bill is rung 5 times a year on special occasions/ holidays.

Freedom Bell in San Pedro

What’s your favorite thing to do in San Pedro? Share with us! We like to hear from Angelenos  about their local adventures.


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