teachr show

teachr first solo show

“The key to good street art is creating something that grabs your attention… I’d like to get people to just learn how to question things” – Teachr

When Los Angeles street artist Teachr decided to become a father, it made him want to take his art background & put images out there to help make the world a better place. He didn’t want them to grow up in a country well-defended, but not well-educated.

With a focus on education & promoting peace, Teachr has become one of the most prominent street artists in Los Angeles.

Watch his mini-documentary here

Teachr: Street Artist

We were so excited & happy to be able to attend his first solo show at Fairfax High School in West Hollywood.

Teachr first solo show

Ever since 2008, when we snuck away to check out Mr. Brainwash’s warehouse installation on La Brea, we’ve been fascinated by the various ways that artists exhibit their work in Los Angeles… on sidewalks, on top of billboards, on walls, inside libraries, alongside freeways & wrapped around utility boxes- we notice and appreciate them all.

While we are constantly photographing our favorite street art all around the city, we were stoked when Teachr announced his first solo art show this past weekend.

We love the messaging & activism behind his artwork, & that this free show at Fairfax High School was 100% accessible to everyone. Anyone could walk up and see Teachr working on his sketch of Muhammad Ali.

If you were there, you met him-along with possibly other well-known L.A. street artists such as WRDSMTH, Megzany & thrashbird.

Check them all out. Buy their artwork. Post pictures of their artwork. And support their art shows.

They are supporting our city with the beauty of their art, while getting us to engage, think, & listen, too.

Teachr gave 25% of the proceeds from his show back to Fairfax High School, too… just saying.


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