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Theodore Payne Foundation for Wild Flowers & Native Plants

Native plants to California

co-creator Jen Kanter as an early botanist

What kid doesn’t LOVE nature & plants?

When you’re a child, you’re drawn to the outdoors.

Without the distractions of work, schedules, & the daily grind of adulthood – the simplest things are the best, & there’s not much simpler that the sweet smell of native lavender or sage growing in your yard.

So as expected, sometimes you just need an added dose of “nature” in Los Angeles, right?

We usually go hiking when we’re feeling this way, or head up to the mountains –  but this time a short road trip was on our mind, too.

When you’re feeling this rural itch & looking to take a few back-roads & experience some quietness all around you, take a trip to the Theodore Payne Foundation in Sun Valley.

Theodore Payne Foundation FEATURE

We went there one morning per a friend’s recommendation in search of native plants. Without pretending like we’re botanical experts (we’re definitely not), our goal was to create a love-of-hiking inspired front yard filled with wildflowers & sage.

Here is what we immediately noticed & loved – it’s beautifully laid out like when Topanga State Park is in full bloom.

As you enter the various botanical sections, everything is organized by planting environment & each plant is labeled to include everything you need to know about it. But don’t worry, if you still have questions, there are tons of friendly & helpful people to help out.

Did you know? 

Three-name plants have been created by people & two-named plants are the originals as created by nature.

Yep, we learned this while at Theodore Payne.

Anyway, we could go on and on, but hopefully you’ll consider a little nature-seeking road trip – & don’t forget to pop into their gift shop, too!

Quick & easy. Check out the Wild Flower Hill hike

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It was so small in the wagon, look at it now!

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