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Road Warrior Travel Necessities:

Years ago during my work, road-warrior travel days, my favorite rose lip salve got confiscated at the Reno airport for being just over the travel restricted weight of 3.4 oz. I was instantly pissed & from my overreaction realized that it was all about having my favorite products with me on the road.

I wanted travel-sized soaps without anything toxic & with clean, subtle smells.

Face wash or soap that was good for dry, traveling skin.

Natural lip & hair products that worked in all climates & weren’t overpriced because of their small size.

For anyone that has ever had anything randomly explode in his or her purse or carry-on, I also didn’t want anything that was capable of spilling in anyone’s bag.

Guess what?

It took testing, testing & more testing (never on animals, we promise), but we found a really solid sample of products that fit the bill & meet the muster of being travel necessities.

Hope you like them, too.

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Minimalist Packing in Brasil

A longtime travel friend of mine introduced me over 9 years ago to the art of packing light. I was so impressed by her small (maroon leather & chic) carry-on bag that it inspired me to follow her example.

My most recent trip took me down to Brasil & this time along with my habit of packing light, I brought travel-sized products all made by our product partners.

Brasil 2



Besides rekindling my love for the country, here are some things I discovered and found helpful:

• I totally dig unisex scents & the simple ingredients in our travel products are good for all skin sensitivities & types, so I can share everything with my beau & daughter.

• Airplanes & their seats don’t always smell the freshest, but their stinks were overshadowed by the scent of our lotion bars & hair waxes.

• No plastic packaging, no animal testing, leak-proof, allergy-free, vegan (in some cases), eco-friendly (re-useable) packaging, safe for our water sources & they all easily fit in your purse or carry-on.

• Try them for your kids. If you read labels, shared health information, or anything else that makes you want to buy different products for your kids, first try ours. Our labels are easy to read & understand & use some of the simplest, time-tested ingredients.