shout out to women in LA

Women in LA

The March for Women – which we did with tons of women in LA, was the positive kick in the a** that we desperately needed to get over what felt like a nagging, never-ending hangover – leftover from 2016.

Not one to exclude my seven year old on experiences, I took her with me.

I wanted her to witness not just masses of women & supporters of women’s issues, but the power of our collective voices being heard – all together, in support of one other & alongside 750,000 Angelenos from all around our city.

Women in LA

Gotta teach ’em young – Women’s March 2017

It’s one thing to tell our children they can be CEO, a doctor or a teacher – it’s 100% another thing for them to experience live examples around them.

We need our kids to see females leading all around us.

In the spirit of the March for Women – here are some of our favorite, female-led companies in Los Angeles:

Sisters of Los Angeles (SoLA)

Women in LA

(l to r) SoLA founders Sarah Stein, Barbara Bestor, Karen Alweil

Their brand was inspired by Los Angeles, living here & the vibrancy from a local perspective – their Malibu needlepoint kit is still one of our favorite gifts.


Clare V

Years ago, my coolest fashion friend from Angeleno Magazine told me about, ” this French designer who makes classic leather pouches in Echo Park”. Her bags are Parisian chic (the perfect every day bag), her headquarters are in Frogtown & she markets her company in the most un-apologetically, personal & feminine way.

Women in LA

Everything fits into my Clare V tote (like a loaf of Lodge Bread)


Indie  Jams

Women in LA

Indie Jam’s founder Meredith Lockwood

Besides making the most delicious jam (or cocktail mixer!) ever – Meredith Lockwood’s personal commitment to Farmers Markets & hand selecting the best ingredients is a testament to how much she cares about good health, making the best products possible & people.  And she’s nice, really nice.


Noto Botanics

Founder of NOTO Botanics – Pictures C/O Facebook

Ok, so I have to admit – I’m a sucker for cool pictures.

I love Gloria Noto’s mix of feminine & masculine, which you feel & smell in her organic & vegan products.

Her deep serum is THE MOST AMAZING STUFF ever.  No makeup needed after using it.

via NOTO Botanics Website

The beauty industry is one of the most toxic on the planet. Times are changing as well as nature itself. There is a global awakening happening. More are becoming aware and calling for a conscious effort toward transparency and mindfulness in how beauty is cultivated and it’s expression.

Gloria Noto knows this truth all too well as a makeup artist and fine artist with an intimate understanding from extensive experience learning the ins and outs of the industry for over 11 years. Seeing all too clearly how the industry and majority of manufactured products are cocktails of chemicals and pollution, Gloria Noto sought out to create her own solution by developing products that reflected the changes she wanted to see.





Megzany is an LA-based street artist working on an international stage to spread positive messages paired with zany imagery. Her affinity for flight and use of dream-like imagery elicits playful inspiration and motivation in anyone who stumbles upon her work. Her art can be found in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Boise, Denver, Chicago, Philly, New York City, Montreal, London, Kraków, Paris — and beyond!

Just check out her art.


Thanks for doing what you do, ladies.

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